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Hebrew Holidays 2017 + free printable | Land of Honey

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Hebrew holiday dates for 2017...drum roll please.

Once again here are two sets of dates! I've done the traditional calendar dates and also the dates from Torah to the Tribes that are based on the start of the year, without an extra month. They are fairly close (of course there is some debate about when First Fruits is), mostly within a week of the other. So how do you choose?

I really can't make that decision for you but if you are in community with a group of believers the best option might be sticking together to celebrate. While there are pros and cons to both options, the fact is we really can't be certain of the dates until Yahusha returns. We can do our best now and be willing to change as we learn more. Keeping the feasts can be easier and more meaningful if you are able to do that with a group. So if you attend a congregation or at least can visit one for the feasts I would encourage you to embrace the dates that they are using.

Update: It came to my attention that I switched around the dates of the months for Shavuot and Yom Kippur on my first run of the Torah to the Tribes calendar. I have corrected the printable to show the accurate dates of May 28 for Shavuot and September 25 for Yom Kippur. So sorry for the confusion!
Hebrew Holidays 2017 + free printable | Land of Honey

Get these dates and write them on your calendar. It takes intention and planning to honor YHWH by celebrating his feasts. Now is the time to prepare by scheduling vacation from work, budgeting for a celebration, and so forth.

A couple of things to keep in mind:
-The traditional calendar goes by sundown to sundown. Meaning Passover starts at sundown the evening of April 10.
-The Torah to the Tribes calendar goes by daylight to daylight. So Passover starts the morning of April 2.
-Not all set apart times are no work days. 

Like the weekly Shabbat, YHWH sets apart specific days of the year as times when no work should be done. This includes professional and household work. For the longer festivals there are days when work is permissible, giving us opportunity to labor over food preparation, shop for supplies, etc. Professional work is also allowed during this time, but if it's at all possible I would encourage you to take a few extra days off to focus on these set apart times. If vacation time is limited definitely prioritize taking off the no-work days.
Hebrew Holidays 2017 - traditional dates + free printable | Land of Honey

No work days are as follows.

For the Torah to the Tribes calendar:
Days starting at sunlight.

April 3 and 9

May 28

Yom Teruah
September 16

Yom Kippur
September 25

September 30
October 7

For the traditional calendar:
Again, days starting and ending in the evening of the listed dates.

April 11-12
April 17-18

May 30 - June 1 (this is traditionally observed as two days even though Scripture mandates one)

Yom Teruah
September 20-22 (this is traditionally observed as two days even though Scripture mandates one)

Yom Kippur 
September 29-30

October 4-5
October 11-12

Hebrew Holidays 2017 + free printable | Land of Honey
Click below to download the calendar to print. These work best as 5x7 or 8x10 prints.

Hebrew Holidays 2017 - Torah to the Tribes
Hebrew Holidays 2017 - traditional

They are completely free for your personal use.

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