Things I Love About the Sabbath

Summer Salads for Shabbat

How To Stop Working on Shabbat

Make Ahead Meals for the Sabbath

Slow Cooker Shabbat Meals 

Shabbat in the New Testament

Encouragement for the New Shabbat Keeper

14 Make Ahead Meals for Shabbat

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20 Tips To Simplify Shabbat Prep 

Joy of Shabbat: Finding Rewards in Sabbath Rest

Why I Started Keeping Shabbat

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Shabbat Survey

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Five Ways to Honor Shabbat

Be Content on Shabbat + Printable

Fifteen Things Scripture Says About Shabbat

Shabbat Guarding

Shabbat Was Made for You

Keeping Shabbat is Not Too Hard

Happy Shabbat

Shabbat at My House

Shabbat Simcha

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  1. I just came to the realization a couple months ago that I need to follow Torah and start being disciplined about being a disciple. I'm so new to it though. I don't have a body of believers near me yet and I know there's a million things I'm not doing. I'm so happy I found your blog though! I have been trying to figure out what exactly it means to keep the Shabbat Holy and this is so extremely helpful!