Sukkah Inspiration

This year pushed Sukkos style to the next level! So many gorgeous sukkahs showed up in my inbox this year and I wanted to share a few. Thanks to everyone that sent their photos to me, it's an absolute joy to see YHWH's festivals being celebrated worldwide. I would be thrilled to celebrate Sukkot in any of these!

Gorgeous red sukkah | Land of Honey
From @coralmesahomeschool

Sukkah inspiration | Land of Honey
From @taliacarbis of The Climbing Tree

Beautiful sukkah at night | Land of Honey
From @taliacarbis of The Climbing Tree

Sukkah in the garden | Land of Honey
From @shiveringstarsfarm

Lit porch sukkah | Land of Honey
From @elysamary

Funky palm and disco ball sukkah | Land of Honey
From @chalkontheboard

Sukkah inspiration | Land of Honey
From @shasse714

YHWH decoration for Sukkot | Land of Honey
From @shasse714

Sukkah inspiration | Land of Honey
From @meycarbo

#sukkahgoals for sure!

For more inspiration check out last year's favorite sukkahs or my sukkah.

Welcome to My Sukkah

Welcome to My Sukkah | Land of Honey
This is my sukkah this year, come on in and have a look around!

decorate a sukkah with corn | Land of Honey
Since Vayikra 23:39 tells us that Sukkot starts after the corn is harvested, I brought the mini blue popcorn I grew into the sukkah as a beautiful decoration (love that color!) and reminder of YHWH's provision.

All dogs go to Sukkot | Land of Honey
Dietrich spent a lot of time here.

DIY sukkah decorations | Land of Honey
Before we added the roof made of tree branches I hung sedum flowers from the bamboo.

Scripture study in the sukkah | Land of Honey
As you can see our design is very simple this year. Bamboo polls and twine comprised the structure, while thrifted curtains were the 'walls.'

DIY hanging lanterns for the sukkah | Land of Honey

Simple bamboo and twine dwelling for Sukkot | Land of Honey
This was our temporary dwelling this year. It held up really well (no collapses this time), and I was happy with the design. Obviously it wasn't weatherproof, but I haven't seen a sukkah that is. At night we took in the table and chairs and the blanket we used for a rug. The next day we would take out whatever we felt like. Sometimes the table again, or a chair for reading, or even just the rug. Nothing was too heavy so it worked pretty well.

Sukkot centerpiece made with corn stalks | Land of Honey
This bowl of apples brought such a nice perfume to the sukkah.

Scripture study in the sukkah | Land of Honey
2 Cornithians 5:1 - if our earthly tent is destroyed we have an eternal building from YHWH.

Simple bamboo and twine dwelling for Sukkot | Land of Honey

DIY hanging lanterns for the sukkah | Land of Honey
The lanterns are regular ball jars with twine wrapped around them. The candles are the battery operated kind.

Scripture study in the sukkah | Land of Honey
This was such a peaceful place to study and read or sit and talk.

Menorah Sukkot centerpiece | Land of Honey
He is light.

Bamboo sukkah for Sukkot | Land of Honey

What was your sukkah like this year? I am sharing a few of my favorites next week, so please send me a photo of yours if I can include it!

Things the Messiah Said During Sukkot

What the Messiah had to say during Sukkot | Land of Honey

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Chag sameach! I hope you are enjoying this special and set apart time of year during the festival of Sukkot, when we are reminded that YHWH will eventually camp with us. I believe all the feast dates of YHWH were significant to Yahusha, not only in terms of life events, but also they must have held a special place in his heart. If we study Scripture we can see that he in fact did keep the feasts, including Sukkot. He spent time in a sukkah, he heard the appropriate Torah readings on it, he knew Vayikra 23, he went to the Beit Hamikdash to celebrate with others, he taught there, maybe even shook a lulav. We have this special glimpse into his life, because everything he did was within the context of obedience to Scripture. There is added depth to the words of the Messiah when we realize where and when those statements were made. Think of what Sukkot looks like; the temporary dwellings, the four species, and imagine Yahusha in the midst of that speaking these words.

John 7:37 | Land of Honey

Things the Messiah Said During Sukkot:

"If anyone thirsts, let them come to me and drink." -John 7:37
This is a beautiful verse with added meaning: if you wanted to come to the Messiah then and there you would have to come to the feast of Sukkot. And by coming to Sukkot he would refresh and revive you.

"Go up to the festival." -John 7:8
Here is an example of Yahusha verbally encouraging people to keep the feasts of YHWH. When he told his brothers to go up to keep Sukkot, it was not an abstract or simple idea. First of all, it's over 60 miles from the Galilee area to Jerusalem. And Sukkot is also an eight day festival. In essence he was telling them to take their time, money, and resources to honor YHWH. He didn't throw in, "if you want to," or "if it's convenient." Yahusha told them to celebrate Sukkot.

"He that believes in me as the Scriptures have said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water." -John 7:38
When Yahusha said this the only Scripture that existed is what we now call the Old Testament. He wants us to see that these writings - Genesis, Malachi, Chronicles, everything - are about him. They talk about him, they prophesy of him, they point to him. That includes the feasts. Why would we forgo a commandment of YHWH that points to the Messiah?

"Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment." - John 7:24
Usually only the first three words of this verse are quoted. The Messiah expects his followers to use discernment when evaluating circumstances and relationships. He expects us to look at an action and be able to tell if it is something that lines up with Scripture or not. As with traffic laws, it is not my responsibility to toll out penalties for violating the rules. But still I can see that running a stop sign is a breach of the law. In the same way, if my friend is driving I won't give them a ticket for speeding but I can suggest they slow down. Yahusha expects us to use righteous discernment in our lives.

"Are you angry that I made a man entirely well on Shabbat?" -John 7:23
The Messiah asked this question in response to accusations that he was demonically possessed. This is similar to popular responses to those who are seeking to live righteously by keeping YHWH's feasts and such. "You're crazy! You've been deceived into thinking observing the commandments is important." In John 5 he healed a man at another festival of YHWH (which was probably also Sukkot), on Shabbat. This was not a violation of the Torah, but an offensive to rules made up by men. Going against status quo is nearly always upsetting to others.

"The world hates me because I bear witness that its works are wicked." -John 7:7
If you're a Sukkot celebrator you might feel a little bit out of place at this time of year. What do the neighbors think of the sukkah? Stores are decorated for Halloween. Your coworkers don't quite get the importance of this week for you. Choosing to keep the Biblical holidays points out to others that the typical holidays are not okay.

"My teaching is from the one who sent me." -John 7:16
Here he pointed out that he is teaching is consistent with what YHWH had already commanded throughout Scripture. This is significant because it tells us that Yahusha's instructions line up with YHWH. YHWH wants Sukkot honored, so does the Messiah.

The Messiah encouraged others to keep the Feast of Sukkot - John 7:8 | Land of Honey

Scripture points to Yahusha's birth being during Sukkot as well. Math can be done to figure out when John the Baptist's father served in the Temple, shortly afterwards Elizabeth was pregnant with John. We know that John was six months older than Yahusha, so the family likely had a Passover baby and a Sukkot baby that year. We also see that Yahusha was literally born in a sukkah and that the wording of the angel's announcement to the shepherds was very Sukkot-centric. 

Scripture also tell us that during Sukkot The Messiah:

-Went to the temple for Sukkot. -John 7:2

-Taught. -John 7:14

-Sent people to celebrate Sukkot. -John 7:8

-Went to the festival. -John 7:10

"The one who says he lives in him ought to walk as he did." -1 John 2:6

John 7:26 - The Messiah During Sukkot | Land of Honey

Stargazing Sukkot Party

Throw an easy stargazing party for Sukkot! | Land of Honey

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This little get together is the perfect low-maintenance way to get together with friends to celebrate the feast of Sukkot. Grab some blankets and head outside to gaze upon the stars and to remember the promises of YHWH. That's all you need. Decorations, snacks, and pillows are all optional and can be whatever is doable or desirable to you.

Throw an easy stargazing party for Sukkot! | Land of Honey

He knows the stars by name. | Land of Honey
So this banner is just paper letters and yarn. It's lightweight and easy to put up and you can make any verse or a chag sameach or happy Sukkot into a banner.

Sukkot party under the stars | Land of Honey
I used a trunk, some suitcases, and a crate for table space. You could go without or take a coffee table outside or use a picnic table.

Menorah cupcake toppers | Land of Honey
These cupcake toppers though.

He knows the stars - Sukkot stargazing party | Land of Honey

He knows the stars - Sukkot stargazing party | Land of Honey

The best kosher marshmallows! | Land of Honey
These are the best kosher marshmallows I have found! They are vegan and kosher, available at Trader Joe's.

He knows the stars by name | Land of Honey
He knows the stars by name. -Psalm 147:4

Four Species Lemonade for Sukkot | Land of Honey

Throw a stargazing party for Sukkot | Land of Honey
So this is a globe...of the moon. Strangely fascinating.

Throw a stargazing party for Sukkot | Land of Honey

Throw a stargazing party for Sukkot | Land of Honey
Star charts can offer some education into what you're looking at. The Gospel in the Stars is a neat read to learn of constellations representing Biblical stories and prophecies.

Throw a stargazing party for Sukkot | Land of Honey

Throw a stargazing party for Sukkot | Land of Honey
This party idea would also work well for Yom Teruah, and I think something like this could be a good introduction for friends and families that don't celebrate YHWH's feasts.

Menorah cupcake toppers | Land of Honey
Chocolate einkorn cupcakes. I don't really like frosting, so there isn't any.

Throw an easy stargazing party for Sukkot! | Land of Honey
Have a beautiful Sukkot!