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One of the things that says, 'summer' to me is Shabbat starting much later. If you're an evening to evening observer, you know what I mean. In the wintertime it gets dark shortly after 5:00pm, but this time of year it's closer to 10:00! I'm not sure I have a real preference for when Shabbat starts but I do enjoy the change of pace. It's nice to have a little time Friday evening to get ice cream with friends or go for a bike ride. We were even able to catch a play last Friday evening with it finishing before dark. Of course, just as often we've squeezed in a quick project or ran out to water the garden one last time, so that's a trade off. Still, that summer vibe is a lot of fun!

I wanted to make a printable as a fun way to celebrate Shabbat. Even though the feel is a little different this time of year, it's still the set apart day of YHWH. I hope this can be a good reminder of that. In the midst of vacation and gardening and trips to the pool, Shabbat is a day for shalom.
Shabbat Shalom free printable | Land of Honey
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Click here to download my Shabbat Shalom printable. It's free for your personal use. I hope you like it!

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  1. Like it! :) Yes...Shabbat is such a blessing. I've been enjoying the "later sunsets" as well!