Shabbat Guarding

Late last fall our congregation got a new version of the Scriptures and I decided to read it all the way through by Sukkot. Naturally, I picked that time without thinking about the late summer being the busiest time of year for me. Haha! Nonetheless, reading the Restoration Scriptures: True Name Edition has transformed the way I  understand so much of the word of YHWH.

Shabbat guarding piety is the greatest gain. | Land of Honey

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The wording is absolutely beautiful in so many passages. For instance, 1 Timothy 6:6:

"But Shabbat-guarding piety with contentment is the greatest gain."

We'll talk more about the Restoration Scriptures but I wanted to leave you with that lovely verse as we head into Shabbat. May it be filled with shalom!

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