Shabbat Simcha

Isaiah 56:2: Happy is the person who does this and grasps this, who keeps Shabbat and does not profane it, and keeps himself from doing evil.

YHWH's Shabbat was created as a day of rest and a day of happiness.

Happy is she who keeps Shabbat. -Isaiah 56:2 |  Land of Honey

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Rest and happiness. Don't those go together? Don't we look forwards to breaks and vacations? Shabbat is peace for our bodies and souls. YHWH knew before creation the importance of rest for our health and happiness. Shouldn't we trust Him enough to rest on this day so that He will fill us with joy? Shabbat is not a day of complex rules; it is not hard to keep. It is a day to be joyful! At sundown tonight Shabbat starts; keep it and you will find joy and peace. Simcha and shalom.

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