Hebrew Holiday Dates 2018 + Printable

When are the Hebrew holidays in 2018? Get a free printable of the dates | Land of Honey

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This is the fifth time Land of Honey has made a printable of the Hebrew holiday dates for the upcoming year! My hope is that you print these off, save it to your phone, and write them in your calendar so that you can start preparing to honor YHWH by accepting his invitation to his set apart times. Be intentional about getting time off from work, budgeting for the celebrations, and otherwise scheduling the rest of your life around the feasts. Keeping the commandments won't happen by accident; so if you want to honor them you have to plan for it.

So the calendar has the dates (once again, two options to choose from) for YHWH's set apart times, then below I have specified which ones YHWH tells us not to work on. These times should be treated like the weekly Sabbath, where we take time off from professional work and avoid shopping, cooking, and so on. During the majority of days in Matzah Week and Sukkot work is allowable but I would encourage you to take those days off from your job, if possible, so that you can fully enjoy these set apart times.

Hebrew Holiday dates for 2018 - traditional calendar | Land of Honey

For the traditional calendar:

Remember, traditional dates start at sundown on the date listed and go until sundown the next day. For example Passover starts at sundown on March 30 and ends at sundown on the 31. The traditional calendar always gives an extra day to Shavuot and Yom Teruah, though Scripture treats both as one-day holidays.

No work days are:

Passover - March 30-31 (this is not a no work day in and off itself, but since it falls on Shabbat it is)
First day of Matzah Week - March 31- April 1
Last day of Matzah Week - April 6-7 (this is also the weekly Sabbath)

Shavuot - May 19-21

Yom Teruah - September 9-11

Yom Kippur - September 18-19

First day of Sukkot - September 23-24
Last day of Sukkot - September 30-October 1

Hebrew Holiday dates for 2018 - Torah to the Tribes calendar | Land of Honey

For the Torah to the Tribes calendar:

This calendar uses daylight to daylight dates. For example, Passover starts at daylight on April 3 and goes until daylight April 4.

No work days are:

First day of Matzah Week - April 4
Last day of Matzah Week - April 10

Shavuot - May 27

Yom Teruah - September 17

Yom Kippur - September 26

First day of Sukkot - October 1
Last day of Sukkot - October 8

Get a free printable of this year's dates for YHWH's set apart times | Land of Honey

Download the calendar dates below and stick it in your planner or on your fridge. Free for your personal use.

Click here to download the Hebrew Holidays Traditional Dates.

Click here to download the Hebrew Holidays Torah to the Tribes Dates.

Not sure which calendar to go by? The calendar debate can be confusing and there are other sets of dates besides the ones I am sharing. If you have a congregation or group to celebrate with I would personally adhere to what they are using, as getting to celebrate with a like minded group of believers is very special. Each calendar has pros and cons and we probably won't know with 100% certainty what the dates are for the festivals of YHWH until Yahusha returns. As always, pray about what YHWH would have you to do and be willing to adjust as your understanding grows.

Let's starting planning to keep the feasts this year!