An Invitation to the Fall Feasts

The Messiah has invited you to a party | Land of Honey

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If the Messiah invited you to a party what would your response be?

Seriously, imagine what that would be like. What kind of special evening would the King of the Universe have in mind? What kind of food would be served? How would the tables be set? What would you wear? How would he feel if you refused to go?

He sent his servants to invite them to the wedding party. But they didn't want to come. -Matthew 22:3

Do you know this parable? In this story Yahusha told there is a king who was hosting a wedding party. A five-star banquet had been prepared by a top chef, special clothing had been designed and tailored with skill, tables were set, candles were lit, attention had been given to each lovely detail, and finally all of it was ready. But they didn't want to come.

YHWH holds seven special feasts a year. And his people decline the invitation. Like in Yahusha's parable we have had better things to do. "This is a busy time of year for me." "Work has been crazy." "We are set free from that." It's not that we didn't get the invitation. It's not that something is physically keeping us away. We just have refused to come. How does this make the host feel? Verse seven, The King was furious and invited someone else.

Don't miss out on this invitation from YHWH. Change which box you have been checking on these kingdom RSVPs. Three of his feasts are coming up soon! We aren't far away from the celebrations of Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot but there is still time to make it to these parties. Did you know that our Messiah honored and celebrated these times? And not only that but the nature of each feast speaks a different truth about who YHWH is and his redemptive plan for us.

The kingdom of Heaven is like a party no one wants to go to.

Now is the time to plan to celebrate as YHWH instructed us (see Leviticus 23). Make plans to keep these feasts with your family or check here or here to search for a group or get together in your area.

Since YHWH did not give us Gregorian calendar dates for his feasts there is some confusion as to exactly when they fall. If you are involved with a group I would personally go with their dates so you can celebrate as a community. If not, study and pray about what you should do.
Here's a refresher of the dates.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot and begin to plan. How should you accept the King's invitation? Put in for vacation from your job and plan to have the no-work days free. Will you be going camping or building a sukkah for Sukkot? Can you gather friends for a party or would you like to give gifts? You don't have to know how to do everything perfectly to accept this invitation, and really it is a learning and growing process that becomes more joyous and special with each year. The kingdom of Heaven is like a king preparing a feast for his son. Invite to the party as many as you can find. Say yes this year!

There's still time to celebrate YHWH's fall feasts! | Land of Honey

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