Free Ten Commandments Printable for Shavuot

Can you believe we are just a few days from Shavuot? If you are on the traditional calendar it starts this Tuesday in the evening. Those using Torah to the Tribes' calendar is a few days before on this Sunday! The blossoming springtime we've had since Passover seems to have gone by so rapidly. This season really speaks of the Shavuot time we are coming into, of being made new. Of a fresh outpouring of the Spirit of Set Apartness. Of his word being newly put into our hearts.

Free printable of the Ten Commandments | Land of Honey

Because this is a special time of celebrating both the Ruach HaKodesh and the giving of YHWH's instructions I thought a printable of the ten commandments would be fitting. Recently I admired a simple ten commandments piece of art in a friends home and decided to make a more Hebrew version of that. My free printable uses YHWH, as well as Shabbat. The structure of the commandments is also a bit different. I studied wording in various versions and arrived at an amalgamation of my own.

Free printable of the Ten Commandments for Shavuot | Land of Honey

Did you know there is some dispute over the ten commandments themselves? For the most part, Christian teaching and translations start the list of ten commandments off in Exodus 20:3 - "you shall have no other gods before me." But the Hebrew movement would argue that the first and most significant commandment is found in the second verse. "I am YHWH your Elohim who brought you out of the Egyptian house of slavery." Because knowing the name of the God we serve is incredibly important, right? This goes along with the third commandment of not forgetting the name of YHWH or bringing it to vain emptiness and ruin.

Free Ten Commandments printable | Land of Honey

I am really happy about this new piece of art in my home! Hanging the ten commandments is a great way to learn them by heart, and keep your focus on how YHWH wants us to live. It also shows visitors that his word is important to you. While I think this is especially fitting for the Shavuot season, I plan to keep mine up year round. In a cute frame this would also make a great gift!

Click here to download my ten commandments printable. It is free for your personal use.
You can get a large print of this at a local printing place to have it as more of a statement piece. Mine was printed as an 18" by 13" for about $8.00. Or this prints great at home in a regular printer as an 11" by 8" or even smaller if you prefer.

A very happy Shavuot to each of you!

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  1. I really appreciate you and your blog. I enjoy your fresh, new way of enjoying YHWH's beautiful feasts and festivals. Thank you for sharing your inspiration :)