12 Ways to Celebrate the Feast of Unleavened Bread

Here's 12 ways you can celebrate the Feast of Unleavened Bread | Land of Honey
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1. Bake matzah bread. I know the rabbinical rules to 'unleavened' can be a little intimidating but really what YHWH says is just to not let your bread rise or ferment. Making your own matzah is not difficult and it's SO MUCH BETTER than the boxed kind. Here's my recipe for matzah made with einkorn flour.
Einkorn matzah bread to celebrate the Feast of Unleavened Bread | Land of Honey

2. Read Scripture. This is something we desperately need to reclaim as a joy instead of drudgery. Read appropriate passages out loud, ask children to act them out, memorize a verse this week, or art journal. Our lives and special times will be so much better if YHWH's word is the cornerstone.
Scripture study during Matzah Week | Land of Honey

3. Make a matzah pinata. Isn't little Lior who made his own mini matzah pinata the cutest? Here are my directions for this super fun Unleavened Bread Week decoration and tradition. Maybe the kids could smash it and get out the goodies at the end of the week?
DIY Matzah Pinata | Land of Honey

4. Wear something festive. This Yeshua is the afikomen tee is on sale, or you could wear this shirt! Grab a matzah tie, or even get your dog involved in the festivities with a bandana or collar. Matzah socks, anyone?
Matzah socks! Perfect for Passover | Land of Honey

5. Celebrate with a sweet kosher-for-Passover treat. Not baking with flour doesn't mean you can't enjoy a special dessert! Try these chocolate donuts,  or a mixed berry pavlova, or these walnut-crusted cherry tarts from Love and Lemons.
Sour cherry tarts with walnut crust - kosher for Passover | Land of Honey

6. Make a matzo house. Definitely the answer to the traditional gingerbread house. Decorate with fruit, nuts, or candy. Use frosting or peanut butter for the glue. Martha Stewart shows us how.

7. Get your omer counter ready to go. You can make your own or print one of, but either way counting fifty days to get to Shavuot is a commandment of YHWH. Last year I did a DIY flair one that was such fun to put together. Torah Sisters Magazine also has the prettiest printable cards to use and a kids counter, and both are free!
DIY Flair Count the Omer calendar | Land of Honey

8. Watch a movie. From The Prince of Egypt to Exodus: Gods and Kings to The Ten Commandments to shorter kids movies there is a fair amount of media that portrays the Exodus story, albeit not usually in a 100% Scripturally accurate way. I find visual aids very helpful, but of course use discernment about what media you consume and be ready to fact check and discuss discrepancies with your fellow movie goers. Here is a children's cartoon on the Israelites leaving Egypt that you can watch for free.

9. Decorate with a printable. 1 Corinthians 5:8 should be central to our focus during the Feast of Unleavened Bread, so print it off as a reminder. Lots of other Feast appropriate printables can be found here.
Scripture study during Matzah Week | Land of Honey

10. Clay matzos. I showed you how to make these last week. Use them for jewelry, barettes, doll houses, as flair for your omer calendar, magnets, or to decorate an inexpensive picture frame with. 
Make your own clay matzo jewelry to celebrate Unleavened Bread | Land of Honey

11. Send a card. Receiving cards in the mail was always a marker of a special time to me as a child. Use this chag sameach card from The Climbing Tree or make your own. Sending to friends and family who also celebrate the Feast is fun for all, and sending to those who don't celebrate can be a thoughtful gesture that you're thinking of them.
Printable Chag Sameach cards for Passover and Unleavened Bread | Land of Honey

12. Invite someone to dinner. This is special and memorable. Serve unleavened bread and maybe one or two of these recipes. This simple brunch is a huge crowd pleaser with cream cheese, smoked salmon, and cucumbers on fresh matzah. Discuss the meaning of the Feast and how it pertains to Yahusha to introduce your guests to this aspect of the kingdom.
Perfect brunch during Matzo Week | Land of Honey

How will you be celebrating Matzah week?

Here's 12 ways you can celebrate during Matzah Week | Land of Honey


  1. Thank you for this wonderful resource! So pleasant to read posts that support our faith and keeping of scripture.

  2. Love these ideas! I love feast of Unleavened bread so much. So keen to get my omer counter organised properly this year instead of doing a make-shift one (if anything) each year.

    1. Thanks T'lia! I just love the picture of you little one on here!

      I think we all need to figure out what way of counting the omer works for us! Maybe writing it on the calendar, crossing the day off, or a paperchain? I've also been thinking of a fall back plan because there is inevitably the days where I can't remember if I counted or not!