Hebrew Holidays Calendar

We aren't done with free printables! It's a bit of a challenge to figure out when the Hebrew dates correspond on the Gregorian calendar so I have made a list that you can print off to keep in your planner, Bible, or on the fridge. 

Most of us think of the Festivals of YHWH as "Jewish holidays" because they are mostly the people who have kept them. However Scripture teaches that these holy days are for both the natural born Israelite and for anyone who wishes to be grafted into YHWH's family of Israel. I chose to call these Hebrew because that is a word that means, "one who has crossed over to YHWH's ways."

Free Hebrew Holiday Calendar | Land of Honey

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These are the dates that the congregation that I attend goes by. A lot of studying has gone into this and this is our best understanding of what is when. The date for First Fruits comes from Vayikra 23:11 which says, "on the next day after the first day." The first day being the start of the Feast of Matzah, or the second day after Passover. Fifty days after that takes us to May 24 for Shavuot.

Hebrew Holidays printable calendar | Land of Honey

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How it works: Since Hebrew days begin in the evening, the dates listed start in the evening. So Passover starts the evening of April 3 and goes until sundown the next day. The Feast of Matzah starts the evening of April 4 and goes until sundown on April 11.

Hebrew Holiday Calendar - free printable from Land of Honey

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See the pink one beneath it? That's another Passover printable that I'm sharing later this week! 

I hope this will help you celebrate and prepare for the Festivals of YHWH! Download it here!

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