Smoothie Bowls for Yom Teruah

Smoothie Bowls for Yom Teruah - healthy and delicious breakfast for the Feast of Trumpets | Land of Honey

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Look no further for a festive start to your Yom Teruah day! Smoothie bowls are healthy and easy to make, and the ice cream cones make it perfect for the Day of Shofar Blasts. I love being able to celebrate a Biblical holiday in such a fun way!

Make shofar smoothie bowls for the Feast of Trumpets | Land of Honey

You can use any smoothie or smoothie bowl recipe. I wanted mine to look blue since there is such an emphasis on looking for the new moon in the night sky for the Feast of Trumpets. I used blueberries and yogurt, but blackberries or elderberries or acai or blue majik spirulina could also make a blue smoothie. You can easily use whatever you like or have handy, and it's simple to adjust these for any dietary preferences or allergies. 

Celebrating the Biblical holiday of Yom Teruah | Land of Honey

Night Sky Smoothie:
1 cup frozen blueberries
2 cups yogurt
1 tablespoon spirulina powder
1 tablespoon honey (or to taste for sweetness)

Put your blueberries in the blender and run the ice crushing setting for 30 seconds or so to break up the berries. This makes it easier to smoothly blend everything. (If you don't have this setting on your blender let them thaw for a few minutes before blending everything together.) Once your berries are mostly in small pieces, add the yogurt, spirulina powder, and honey and blend until smooth.

The spirulina is optional but it gives you a nutritional boost and also is responsible for the dark shade of blue. Without it the combination was more of a light purple. 

Once your smoothie is blended, pour it into bowls and decorate.

Smoothie Bowl Recipe for the Feast of Trumpets | Land of Honey

To decorate I used:

Ice cream cones for shofars
Calendula flowers
Sliced apples

Chia seeds
Sesame seeds
Coconut flakes
Menorah cupcake toppers (from here)

Smoothie Bowl Recipe for the Feast of Trumpets - how to celebrate Biblical holidays | Land of Honey

You could use any fruit or berry, seeds, nuts, or edible flower. Granola works here, and so do sprinkles or chocolate. You can use cookie cutters to make fun shapes out of apple slices. A ten commandment gummie would be a great touch too. It's easy to make these exactly to your liking and everyone can decorate their own bowl. If you don't mind a thinner smoothie base, you can even make the smoothie the day before and keep it in the fridge, along with sliced fruit for topping.

Yom Teruah Shofar Smoothie Bowls | Land of Honey

Are you new to celebrating the Biblical Feast of Trumpets? Learn more about Yom Teruah here.

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