Hebrew Gift Ideas

Last week I shared some ideas on giving ethically and what better way to do that than to support an artist or business with similar faith values to yours? I am excited about all the products I share below and I think they would be great conversation starters for the recipient to share their beliefs with someone.

Hebrew Gift Ideas | Land of Honey

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Though I am not a big 'stuff' person there is something exciting about owning things that Yeshua would like. Here are some present ideas for your mishpacha.

Restoring the Two Houses of Israel $4
-inspiring book by Eddie Chumney
-for someone who loves to study Scripture

Menorah, Tree of Life, or 10 Commandments Keychain $5
-supports the Hebraic Roots Network

Shema Bracelet $5
-supports a small business

Hebrew Aleph-Bet Soaps $6
-handmade by an Etsy artisan

Eat Honey Dishtowel $9
-eco friendly
-from Mishlei/Proverbs 24:13

Handmade Ahava Soap Dish $11
-made by an independent artist

Music from Teshuva or James Block $3 - $12
-independent Hebraic musicians

Fruit of the Spirit Magnets $14
-independent artisan in Israel

Aaronic Blessing Mug $14
-independent artisan in Israel

Challah Back Dishtowel $15
-from the Etsy shop of a kosher blogger

Ephraim You Are A Seed T-Shirt $18
-support independent artist

Noah's Ark Bag with Finger Puppets $20
-fair trade from Nepal

Heebster Tote Bag $22
-independent artist
-also available as a print, phone case, etc.

Aramaic English New Testament $39 - $59
-perfect for those who love to study Scripture
-translation done by Andrew Gabriel Roth

Do you have a go-to gift or is there something you're hoping to receive? I'd love to hear below!