Fall Feast Gift Ideas

Though presents aren't typically associated with the Fall Festivals I thought it would be fun to share a few items that are appropriate for these set apart times. Giving something to a friend, making it at a party, using to decorate, or keeping it for yourself is your decision. :)

On a side note, I signed up for The Climbing Tree's Fall Feast Countdowns and it is so enjoyable! Talia sends out an email each day with a craft or activity to do and a brief devotional. She has tons of great ideas for teaching kids about the feasts too! The email list continues through Sukkot so you still have plenty of time to sign up.

Fall Feast Gift Ideas and DIY Projects | Land of Honey

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Menorah Stickers by Petite Paperie - $1.50
-Why wouldn't you want these?

Shofar Cookie Cutter from Big Cat Crafts - $1.99
-So you can make your own shofar cookies during Yom Teruah.

Happy Challah Day Card on Modern Tribe - $4
-Works for any feast day.

High Holiday Nail Decals by Midrash Manicures - $11.99
-Just awesome.

Seven Species Magnets by TamarHammersArt - $12
-Fridge decor for Sukkot.

From Society 6.

Genesis 15:5 Art Print by Kevin Ohlin - $18
-The counting the stars verse we remember during Sukkot. Also available as a rug, card, tote, and more.

Pomegranate Tea Towel on Modern Tribe- $19
-A pretty and useful Yom Teruah present that doubles as kitchen decor.

From Society 6.

Sukkot Festival Poster by Melek Design - $20 
-Also available in other forms. I particularly want it as a blanket.

Feast of Trumpets Shirt by Yeshua Shirts - $26
-They sell shirts for each feast day.

DIY Projects

Constellation Printable by Mr. Printables
-The perfect guide for stargazing during Sukkot.

Pomegranate Sugar Scrub from The Casual Craftlete
-Who wouldn't love this gift for Yom Teruah? Bonus: simple to make.

Photo by Jared Smith.
Breakfast Macaroons from Sugar & Cloth
-Wouldn't it be fun to have these at a Yom Kippur 'break fast'?!

Yom Teruah Printable from Land of Honey
-I think you need this in your life.

Happy Little Camper Printable by Rae Ann Kelly
-Decorate your Sukkah!

Memory Jar from Alice and Lois
-A simple gift to emphasis remembrance during Yom Teruah.

Photo by Mary Costa.
Palm Frond balloons from Studio DIY
-Surprise a friend with these during Sukkot.

Dried Citrus Garland from Free People
-Use etrog or any handy citrus fruit to decorate your Sukkah.

Palm Print Pillows from Dream Green DIY
-Lovely in your sukkah or as an indoor reminder.

Galaxy Necklace from Oh The Lovely Things
-During Sukkot, bring on the galaxy projects.

What did I miss? Let me know what you want to receive for the feasts!

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