Good Mitzvoth

Good mitzvoth bring glory, honor, and peace to those that do them. Romans 2:10 tells us that.

"Tifereth, honor, and shalom, to every man that does tov mitzvoth, to the Yahudi first, and also to the Greek and Aramean."

Or in more simple English: "Glory, honor, and peace, to everyone that does good mitzvoth, to the Jew first, and also to the Northern Tribes and the foreigners grafted in."

We should all do good mitzvoth. 

Glory, honor, and shalom to everyone that does good mitzvoth. | Land of Honey

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What is a mitzvoth? Mitzvoth is usually translated as "works" but that is an incomplete picture of the word.

Mitzvoth = YHWH's Commandments, or Man's Obedient Deeds, or Obedient Works of Torah Done in Submisison and Willingness.

This is a New Testament verse telling us that their is honor in keeping YHWH's commands that are found in the Torah.

This is a verse saying that obedience to YHWH's instructions gives us peace.

Setting apart Shabbat is honorable.

Honoring your parents will give you peace.

Having no gods but YHWH brings glory.

Not coveting your neighbor's possessions is peaceful.

You will be honored for not stealing.

While many believe that Yahusha "set us free from the law," most of us wouldn't say there's not room for more shalom in our lives. Obedience to YHWH's commandments is not a question of salvation but of how we want to live. He desires all of us to walk honorably in his glory with peace.

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