Is the Ruach of YHWH limited?

Reading through Micah last week one verse in particular stuck with me:

O you that are named Beit Yaakov, is the Ruach of YHWH limited? Are these His doings? Do not My words do tov to him that walks as a tzadik?

-Micah 2:7 RSTNE

Micah 2:7 | Land of Honey
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Is the Spirit of YHWH limited? Don't His words bring good to those who walk righteously? This is a dividing line. It is the question for believers today.

Do you believe that YHWH's word is good or not?

If you believe that the Word of YHWH is good, and life giving, and beneficial then you will do it. You will keep the commandments and live as Yeshua did. You will walk in light. The 119th Psalm states repeatedly that YHWH's word is what lights up our path and helps us to see. But if you choose to believe it is not, you will disregard it, selecting only the parts you want, and walk in darkness and confusion.

It's interesting to me that this was a struggle in Micah's day as well. Just as today we have people claiming Scripture is outdated and no longer applicable to our lives, something similar was debated several thousand years ago. I love how YHWH addresses this point, "Is my Spirit limited?"

Is YHWH limited to the point where he couldn't come up with one set of instructions for all humanity? Is He unable to speak to us consistently? I don't think so. 

He follows this with another simple question: Don't my words bring tov to those who live as a tzadik?

The answer is obvious but this is not a rhetorical question. You have to decide for yourself if you believe that YHWH's word is good. And if you believe that it is good, are you going to live like that? This verse does not say, "Don't my words bring good to those who hear them?" It says, "to those who live as a tzadik," - or righteous person.

Throughout Scripture we see the point is not simply to hear the Word of YHWH, but also to do it. YHWH spoke to Noah instructing him to build the ark and Noah did it. In Luke 11:28 Yeshua said, "Favored are they that hear the word of YHWH, and do it."

Do you believe that YHWH's word is good or not? Will you put it into practice or not?

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