Praying Scripture: Tehillim 78

The 78th Psalm jumped out at me recently.

Verse 1: Give ear, O My people, to My Torah: incline your ears to the words of My mouth.

Verse 5: For He established a testimony in Yaakov, and appointed a Torah in Yisrael, which He commanded our ahvot, that they should make them known to their children:

Verse 6: That the final generation to come might know them, even the children who would be born; who would arise and declare them to their children:

Verse 7: That they might set their tikvah upon Elohim, and not forget the works of El, but keep His mitzvoth.

Tehillim 78:6 - Praying Scripture | Land of Honey

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A prayer from Tehillim 78:

YHWH, give your people ears to hear your Torah. Let us incline our ears to your words. Give us understanding and teach us who you are. Don't let us hide your words from our families and friends. Give us wisdom and creativity to share your truth in all areas of our lives. Help us to teach your word to our children, that every generation would praise you YHWH. That every generation would know your strength and remember the wonderful works you have done, both in our lives and your mighty acts for our ancestors in Scripture. Let all the generations know of your great Torah. Let the final generation to come know your Torah, your truth, your ways. Even the children who have yet to be born: let them arise and declare your word. Let us and all the generations set our hope upon you YHWH. Don't let us forget your works and help us to keep your commandments.

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  1. I love your blog. It help me a lot about the feasts. Lots of love from Namibia. My our Father bless you and keep you. Anouschka