Shavuot in Acts 2

There are many believers who place more emphasis on the Holy Spirit than on the written Word of YHWH. But did you know these are inseparable? 

The most significant outpouring of the Ruach Hakodesh happened in Acts 2. Most of us know this day as Pentecost, so we think of this day and the Holy Spirit as a brand new thing. Pentecost, however, is a Greek word that most Bible translators choose to call Shavuot.

Shavuot in Acts 2 | Land of Honey
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The Holy Spirit was given at one of the festivals of YHWH. Shavuot was not a new thing in Acts 2, it first happened in Exodus 19, and is talked about in Vayikra 23, and Deuteronomy 16.

The Holy Spirit will always direct you to honor the Word of YHWH. And, yes, that includes the Torah and the instructions given there.

Tehillim 119:1 says,

"Blessed are those who are undefiled in your ways; who have their walk in the Torah of YHWH."

Happy Shavuot!

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