Fun and Fantastic Passover Gift Ideas

A recent discovery blew me away: a chocolate Seder plate! How have I missed out on this for so long? I mean, a Passover meal can't be complete without that right? :) There are so many fun and whimsical products for Passover besides regular Seder plates and wine glasses. I did some investigating and put together this list of things I know you'll love, whether you're looking for a gift or decorations for  your home. These are my fantastic Passover gift ideas.

Fun and Fantastic Passover Gift Ideas | Land of Honey

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Passover Stickers on Modern Tribe $2.50

Passover Server on Modern Tribe $5.50

Matzah Soap from bubblegenius on Etsy $9.00

Seder Bingo on Modern Tribe $9.00

Chocolate Locusts on Modern Tribe $9.95

Ten Plagues Nail Decals from Midrash Manicures on Etsy $11.99

Matzah Marzipops from marzipops on Etsy $12.00

Exodus 14:22 Parting of the Red Sea cards from Kevin Ohlin on Society 6 $12

Matzah Ring from Sweet Stella on Etsy $15.00

Matzah Phone Case from SealedWithaCase on Etsy  $17.99

Exodus 12:7 print from Kevin Ohlin on Society 6 $18.00

Ten Plagues Bowling Set on Modern Tribe $24.00

Chocolate Seder Plate from Le Chocolatier $25.00

Ten Plagues Coasters from matanote on Etsy $25.00

Yeshua Passover Lamb shirt from YeshuaShirts on Etsy $26.00

Happy Passover tray from BullCityStudio on Etsy $27.50

Fair Trade Ten Plagues Coaster set from Fair Trade Judaica $30.00

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