Turn Yourself Around and Live!

The Torah contains the directions to living the way YHWH desires us to. It is often treated as ridiculous hoops to jump through to try to obtain approval from an angry God, but this is a very poor misunderstanding. The first five books of Scripture are filled with practical instructions from the God who desires His best for us.

Turn yourself around and live! -Ezekiel 18:25, 32 | Land of Honey Blog

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Mainstream religion teaches that freedom is doing whatever you want. You have probably heard a pastor or "Bible teacher" claim that the Messiah came to set us free from the instructions of YHWH--so that we could incorporate traditions of other religions into our worship, eat forbidden things, work and shop on Shabbat, etc. This idea is more consistent with the ideologies of Aleister Crowley and Anton LaVey, "Do what you will," than anything in the Word of YHWH!

Ezekiel 18:25, 32 reads: "Is it my ways that are unfair or your ways? Turn yourselves around and live!" Those sentences beautifully convey the desire of a loving God to listen to His instructions for our own benefit. The entire eighteenth chapter of Ezekiel is reminiscent of a parent calling to a young child to turn and get off of the road. Yes, the child may believe they should have the freedom to play wherever they want but the mom and dad created the rule of staying off the street so that their child would be safe.

I can't say that I understand the why behind each Torah instruction, and yes, it can be challenging to follow YHWH's directions in a society that largely doesn't, but I do know that the best life I can have is one where I follow His ways. YHWH considers our own ways to be unfair, and He is kind enough to not leave us to them or the ideas of others. No matter what your life is like you can always turn to YHWH, and live.

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