Help Get The Way on Netflix!

Help get The Way on Netflix!

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Do you have about ten seconds to spare? Show your support and help get The Way Documentary onto Netflix!

Sometime this week, hop over to Netflix and suggest they include The Way in their expansive film collection. Just click on the link and type in The Way Documentary and submit. That's all! It will seriously take you more time to read about this than to actually do it.

If you aren't familiar with The Way, it's delves into stories of people around the world who have changed their lives to start honoring Shabbat, celebrating YHWH's feasts, observing the dietary requirements of Scripture, and so on. Believers talk about what sparked the change in them and what they went through in their faith. It also takes a look at common theology and religious tradition and examines that in light of what the biblical commandments are. It's edifying to hear from others who are walking a similar path and it's a great way to introduce friends and family to the changes in your faith.

Why do we want to get this on Netflix? Closing in on 100 million subscribers, this is one of the biggest platforms to share the message of "leaving churchianity to live like the Savior" in the world. Literally this could expose millions of people to the truth of following Messiah and the instructions of YHWH! This would also be an incredibly convenient way to share more of your faith with relatives and friends as The Way would be free to watch to anyone with a Netflix account.

Haven't seen The Way? This would be a chance to watch it for free. Even if you don't have a Netflix account you can sign up for a free trial to watch it.

Sometime this week (by January 15), request that Netflix add The Way to their movie library!

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