Living the Torah Portions: Pinchas

Living the Torah Portions: Pinchas to Va'etchanan - crafts, recipes, and study ideas | Land of Honey

Pinchas - Phinehas - Numbers 25:10-30:1
Simple Caprese Skewers from Cookie and Kate
Make kabobs or skewers to remember the famous act of Phineas killing two people in sin and stopping the plague. Serving anything from grilled chicken kabobs to fruit skewers to these pretty caprese appetizers can be a talking point to discuss obedience to YHWH and the many ways we see him work.
Caprese skewer bites with peaches

Mattot/Massei - Tribes/Journeys - Numbers 30:2-36:13
Ancient Israel Map
Much attention is paid to the map of Israel in this portion. It's time we better understand the where's of Scripture. Study this week to learn the boundaries of the land, where the Levites were to live, and the cities of refuge. This leads to better comprehension of the rest of Scripture. It's nice to know where things are!
Map of ancient Israel | Land of Honey

Devarim - Words - Deuteronomy 1-3:22
Star fruit slices from Half Baked Harvest
So the link here is actually a recipe for a lovely fruit tart that is reminscent of the night sky. You could totally go for that but sticking with star cut outs (or slice a starfruit) is a little more doable. The reason for the stars is that Devarim 1 brings up the fulfillment of YHWH's promise that his people will be as plentiful as the stars in the sky. Remind yourself of that. Star gazing would be another fun option.
Star fruit for Torah portion Devarim | Land of Honey

Va'etchanan - I pleaded - Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11
Shema Israel ring from Nadin Rings
The Shema is given in this week's Torah portion. Memorize what Yahusha described as the greatest commandment in Hebrew (Shema Israel, YHWH eloheinu, YHWH echad.), put mezuzahs up in your home, or make or purchase a piece of jewelry with Scripture on it. This 'shema Israel' ring is a practical way to have his word on your hand.
Shema Israel from Nadin Rings

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