Living the Torah Portions: Shelach

Living the Torah Portions: Shelach to Balak | Land of Honey

Shelach - Send - Numbers 13-15:41
Eat grapes, figs, and/or pomegranate
In Shelach, men are sent from each tribe of Israel to spy out the Promised Land, and they returned with an enormous cluster of grapes, as well as figs and pomegranates. If possible enjoy these fruits and imagine a land where these produce abundantly. Consider YHWH's gracious provision giving us fruit trees and vines that produce year after year with very little effort on our part. Where do you see his provision in your life? Take things a step further by planting your very own grape vine.
The fruit of the Promised Land - Torah Portion Shelach | Land of Honey

Korach - Korah - Numbers 16-18:32
Make a tzedekah box from Chai and Home
This week is an opportunity to focus on tithing. Something we overlook is that the Israelites tithed on not just their paycheck or business profits but on what they gained. Including finances, but also animals born to them, produce that was harvested and so on. Could you share a portion of your garden harvest this week? Children could make their own tzedekah box to learn to start setting aside part of their money as an offering to YHWH. Adults could spend time in prayer about how they can best give to YHWH's kingdom, even when financially difficult.
DIY Lego Tzedekah Box to teach kids about tithing | Land of Honey

Chukat - Statute - Numbers 19-22:1
Visit a farm
Since this week's portion includes the details of the red heifer sacrifice, namely that it must be without blemish, why not take a trip to see some cows? Whether it's getting a full farm tour or just driving past a pasture take a good look at the herds you see. There's not many "without blemish," right? Use this as a family talking point or personal devotion of the value of Yahusha as the one perfect sacrifice.
The Red Heifer - Torah Portion Chukat | Land of Honey

Balak - Balak - Numbers 22:2-25:9
Greek Three Bean Salad from Flavor the Moments
Balaam beat his donkey three times before the donkey spoke, and spoke three blessings over Israel. Enjoy a three bean salad, three layer cake, or other three ingredient dish and pause to remember the times it took us several tries to recognize the hand of YHWH in our life. You could also make it a point to speak a few blessings over yourself, family, business, ministry, and so on this week.

Three Bean Salad for Torah Portion Balak | Land of Honey

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