Living the Torah Portions: Shemini

Living the Torah Portions: Shemini | Land of Honey

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Shemini - Eighth- Leviticus 9-11
DIY Rosemary Grapefruit Candle from Sugar & Cloth
Introspection is called for this week for sure. Torah Portion Shemini contains the story of the 'strange fire' that two of Aaron's sons brought before YHWH and were killed. We should take time to evaluate how we serve YHWH - do we just do what tradition or culture says? Did we come up with something that sounds nice? Or are we doing what Scripture tells us. Make a fresh smelling candle, have a bon fire, or light your menorah and consider the story.
DIY Rosemary Grapefruit Candles - Living the Torah Portions | Land of Honey

Tazria/Metzora - She will conceive/Leper - Leviticus 12-15 
Plant Hyssop - Baker Creek Seeds
Did you know that hyssop is what was used to spread the lamb's blood around the doorposts in the Passover story? This herb is mentioned many times throughout Scripture, usually used for cleansing. It has antiseptic properties and is used to treat everything from sore throats to mental fatigue to eczema. If it's too cold in your part of the world to plant outside, try planting some in your windowsill or diffusing hyssop oil.
Planting hyssop - living the Torah Portions | Land of Honey

Acharei Mot/Kedoshim - After the death/Holy - Levitcus 16-20
Honey Roasted Fig and Goat Cheese Popsicles from Snixy Kitchen
Goats are a significant part of this Torah portion as Vayikra 16 tells of the two goats during Yom Kippur. Since goats are central try using goat cheese in a recipe this week. Like during Yom Kippur this would also be a good time for personal introspection and repentance as we examine our lives.
Fig and goat cheese popsicles - living the Torah Portions | Land of Honey

Emor - Say - Leviticus 21-24
Plan Shavuot 
This passage is where we find details of YHWH's feast days and festivals. With Shavuot being only a couple weeks away make plans for how you will celebrate it. Plan a party, find a recipe to try, or make decorations for the Feast. If you need ideas see my DIY Guide to Keeping Shavuot.
How to celebrate Shavuot | Land of Honey

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