Living the Torah Portions: Terumah

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Terumah - Heave offering - Exodus 25 - 27:19 - A Virtual Tour of the Tabernacle
If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many for a video tour? Since Terumah details many elements of the Tabernacle in the wilderness why not have a look around to get a better grasp of what it was actually like?
Virtual tour of the wilderness Tabernacle | Land of Honey

Tetzaveh - You shall command - Exodus 27:20 - 30:10 - Olive and Grape Crostini from Smitten Kitchen
Olives are significant part of the Tabernacle structure, their oil being burned in the menorah and being mixed into the dough for the bread offerings. Incorporate some type of olives or olive oil into a meal this week as a reminder of their many appearances in Scripture.
Olive and Grape Crostini | Land of Honey

Ki Tisa - When you take - Exodus 30:11 - 35 - YHWH necklace - Alephtav1
Torah portion Ki Tisa contains the famous, "I am yod hey vav hey," line from YHWH, making this an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with it. Learn how to write his name or get yourself a reminder of it like this bracelet. Wearing something with the name on it in Hebrew or Aramaic or even English can also be a conversation starter.
The name of YHWH in paleo Hebrew - Torah portion Ki Tisa | Land of Honey

Vayakhel / Pekudei - Exodus 35 - Leviticus 1 - DIY Woven Tapestry - A Beautiful Mess
More details of the wilderness Tabernacle are given this week and the entrance to it was woven. That's not something we see everyday, so familiarize yourself with what that would have looked like by looking at a woven sweater or works at an art show. You can also try your hand at it to really appreciate the skill of the artisans who did the work in the Tabernacle.
DIY Woven Tapestry - Torah portion Vayakhel | Land of Honey

Vayikra - He called - Leviticus 1 - 6 - 7 Ways Kids Can Give Tzedekah - Torah Sisters Magazine
The first part of the book of Vayikra contains instructions for offerings and sacrifices. And I hate to say this, but many of us just aren't very well practiced in giving to YHWH's kingdom. This list will inspire children and adults to learn to give well. We can actually get to the point where the giving of our finances, time, and resources brings us joy.
Learning to give tzedekah in honor of Torah portion Vayikra | Land of Honey

Tzav - Command - Leviticus 6 - 8:36 - Homemade Body Butter - The Merry Thought
Tzav continually mentions both anointing oil and frankincense oil. Thanks to essential oils growing in popularity many of us now understand that the oil used in the Tabernacle worked as an antiseptic and had a wonderful, very strong scent to it. Both of these would have been important in an environment of animal sacrifice. Even though YHWH forbid us from using his recipe for anointing oil in our personal lives we can still enjoy the benefits of the essential oil in a recipe for lotion or soap.
Body butter recipe for Torah portion Tzav | Land of Honey


  1. What bible translations is in the featured picture?

    1. Hi Christine, that is the Restoration Scriptures True Name Edition. I really enjoy that version, though I disagree with some of the commentary. It uses transliterated Hebrew for names and probably a couple of dozen Hebrew words like shalom, tefillah, etc. The names of YHWH and Yahusha are written in Hebrew. :)