Living the Torah Portions - Vayera

Living the Torah Portions - Vayera | Land of Honey

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Vayera - I appeared - Exodus 6 - 9:35 - Burning Bush Cards from Kevin Ohlin
What about sending a card like this to a friend who could use some encouragement? You could also contemplate and discuss places you have clearly seen YHWH in your life.
Burning Bush Cards | Land of Honey

Bo - Come - Exodus 10 - 13:16 - Einkorn Matzah Bread from Land of Honey
Bo finishes up the last three plagues, followed by the Israelites keeping Passover and hastily leaving Egypt with their unleavened bread. You could have a go at making matzah (and maybe get really good at it before Passover), another idea would be taking a late night drive to commemorate Israel leaving Egypt in darkness.
Einkorn Matzah Bread | Land of Honey

Beshalach - When he sent - Exodus 13:17 - 17:16 - Thick Cloud Pavlova from How Sweet It Is
This week is the beginning of a period where YHWH's presence was represented by a pillar of cloud during the day. And, well, pavlova looks pretty similar to that! Other foods like mashed potatoes, coconut cream, or whipped cream could represent the cloud as well.
Pillar of Cloud Pineapple Pavlova | Land of Honey

Yitro - Jethro - Exodus 18 - 20:23 - Ten Commandments Memory Game from The Climbing Tree
During Exodus 20 the ten commandments are given. Kids can learn those commands by playing this game. Adults could join in or write the commandments out and place on the fridge or bathroom mirror.

10 Commandments Memory Game | Land of Honey

Mishpatim - Judgements - Exodus 21 - 24:18 - Planning for YHWH's times
Exodus 23 speaks of Shabbat and the feasts of YHWH. Set a few goals for each this week. Maybe planning what Scripture you'll read on Shabbat or taking extra care to have food prepared. Consider how YHWH would have us celebrate his festivals and prepare by marking your calendar, requesting time off work, or planning a party.
Shabbat Rest | Land of Honey

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