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Hey everyone! I am excited to start a new series today featuring activities to go with the upcoming Torah portions! Last year I read Eating the Bible by Rena Rossner and was so impressed with her ideas of incorporating part of the weekly Torah reading into family meals to promote discussion, learning, and awareness. Doing that has really lead me to consider Scripture from a lot of vantage points that were new to me, plus it's a great reminder. But why stop at just recipes? If we believe that Yahusha is the Word in the Flesh, wouldn't it make sense that each week of his life had something to do with the weekly reading of the Torah? 

That idea is what I want to capture here. Not that you necessarily do each specific activity but that we consider Scripture from a practical angle, thinking how can I put this into practice? That means keeping instructions, trying new recipes, making crafts, and doing special things. I hope you guys will enjoy this series, let me know what you think.

Torah Portion Beresheet - Make a Cacti Garden from A Beautiful Mess
The story of the very first Torah portion happens in a garden. Why not use this time to plant something? Maybe herbs for the kitchen window or flower bulbs in the yard as your own project to consider YHWH's amazing creation.

Torah Portion Noach - Make a Rainbow Cloud from Dream A Little Bigger
Rainbow crafts would obviously be fun, but a trip to the zoo would also commemorate the ark story. If you want to do something in the kitchen, utilize olives or olive oil to represent the olive branch the doves brought to Noah.

Torah Portion Lech Lecha - Upgrade your Luggage Tags from A Beautiful Mess
This passage of Scripture contains the story of Abraham leaving his father's house and country. Make luggage tags for your next trip or a craft using an old map. If you have time you could take a small road trip or even just a trip out of town to consider the journey of Abraham and Sarah.

Torah Portion Vayera - Make a 
Salt Scrub from The Sweetest Occasion
Lot's wife gets turned into salt this week after hardening hear heart to YHWH. With a salt scrub you can see the softening properties of salt. Growing salt crystals or making salt encrusted potatoes or fish would also be good options.
I hope this gives you some inspiration for keeping the Torah Portion of the week on your mind and experiencing Scripture from a different angle. If you aren't sure what readings are when request a free copy of the Torah portions here.


  1. This is a great idea - to physically do something that connects with the Torah portion reading. It seems like this will make the Torah portion something to remember. Thanks!

    1. That's the idea! I'm curious to see the difference it makes vs just reading the Torah portion. :)