Living The Torah Portions: Chayei Sarah

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Torah Portion Chayei Sarah - Glitter Crowns from A Subtle Revelry
This week we honor the life of one of the matriarchs of the Hebrew faith, a woman YHWH called Sarah, which means princess. Use these pretty crowns to decorate your Shabbat table or make them to wear!

DIY Glitter Crowns | Land of Honey

Torah Portion ToldotRed Lentil Soup from A House in the Hills
Red lentil soup is one of the first dishes mentioned in Scripture, when Jacob makes some and trades it to Esau for the birthright. There are many great recipes and you can make it pureed, curried, vegetarian or whatever suits your taste.

Curried Red Lentil Soup for Torah Portion Toldot | Land of Honey

Torah Portion Vayetze - DIY Kissed Balloons from Studio DIY
Vayetze means 'He went out' and that's talking about Jacob leaving his parents and going to his mother's homeland. He meets Rachel and it is the first kiss mentioned in Scripture. Instead of the balloons you could print off these 
Pucker Up coasters.
DIY Kissed Balloons | Land of Honey

Torah Portion Vayishlach - Hello My Name Is stickers from PaperFabricStudio
YHWH changes Jacob's name to Israel after an all night wrestling match. Making or wearing name tags during the week could lead to discussion about the importance of basing our identity on what YHWH says about us. You could also spend time studying how YHWH describes us.

Hello my name is Israel | Land of Honey
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