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Hebrew Care Package | Land of Honey

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Hey guys! A while back I shared some gift ideas with you for an Ethical Care Package, and since then I have been thinking about Hebrew gifts to give, whether as a care package, a little surprise, Torah school reward, or whatever other reason you might have to bestow something faith building on someone. :) The stickers and button are especially affordable, in the 75 cents to $1.50 range, but nothing will set you back more than $12.00. Plus these products support ministries and small businesses.

Netsarim Banner and menorah stickers from Torah Zone
Yahweh bracelet from MudLove
Lemon Sage Lip Balm from Thistle Farms
Menorah soap from Bubble Genius
Beauty for Ashes button from Walk in Love
70 x 7 and It Is Well With My Soul stickers from Walk in Love
Set of 12 menorah stickers from PetitePaperie

I thought it would be fun to share a few of these items with you - have you ever seen so many menorahs in one place? :) Do you have a favorite faith based thing to give or store to support? Let me know below.

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