Israel Will Blossom

Spring is probably my favorite time of year. It contains such promise, doesn't it? After a long winter the warmer air feels so good. The forgotten beauty of the earth comes back to life with daffodils and tulips blooming and the trees flowering. We anticipate the different pace and adventure that summer will bring. Asparagus and green onions are coming up and there is so much potential for this year's flower bed and garden.

Israel Will Blossom | Land of Honey

Those tiny greenhouses on back country roads are my favorite. I could explore them for hours. One of my favorites is the perennial section. It is amazing to me that I can plant these in the ground and they will seemingly die and disappear, long lost and forgotten about in winter's icy grip, and then, suddenly, with no help from me, they come back.

I think there is something in this design that is very near to the heart of YHWH. Creation began in a garden, the earth is extolled throughout the Tehillim and Proverbs. Yahusha loved to speak in agricultural allegories, so I think we can learn something from this natural phenomenon.

Israel Will Blossom | Land of Honey

"As the garden causes the things that are sown in it to spring forth; so the Master YHWH will cause tzedekah and hallel to spring forth before all the nations." -Isaiah 61:11

This passage tells us that there is righteousness and praise for YHWH that he is waiting to release. There are small amounts of it here and there but he will cause it to spring forth in every area of the planet. This tells us that he will restore things back to the way he intended. That people will live according to his instructions. YHWH will be esteemed and praised far higher than any government or ruler. Those who come from the Lost Tribes of Israel will come out of the nations and live again in Covenant with YHWH.

Isaiah 61:11 | Land of Honey
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We might not see this now. Like the beautiful perennial flowers during winter, many of the Words of YHWH might seem long gone or even dead. But then comes spring. Springtime is beautiful reminder that YHWH keeps his promises.

"I will be like dew and Israel shall blossom like the lily." -Hosea 14:5

Every summer water transforms the seeds that are in the earth. The rain comes and fruit and flowers spring up from the ground. While I can prepare the soil, ultimately the only one that makes these come forth is YHWH. In the same way, it not up to you to conjure up his promises. We are not the ones who will bring the Lost Tribes of Israel back. We are to plant seeds and YHWH will take care of the rest.

Israel Will Blossom | Land of Honey

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