Fall Feasts Reminder + Printable!

Late summer always seems like the busiest time of year, doesn't it? It's time to can the tomatoes, resume school, finish those yard projects, freeze veggies from the farmers market, maybe sneak away for a little vacation, and enjoy the gorgeous weather as much as possible. Since we're all busy I wanted to be sure to remind everyone about the upcoming Fall Feasts!

These Scriptural festivals are set apart times that YHWH instructed us to celebrate. Each has historic and prophetic significance and happen at the end of the summertime harvest and transition us to fall. Since they are based on the Hebrew months the dates on the Gregorian calendar is different from year to year. Here's when they're happening this year: (We are just a few weeks away!)

Yom Teruah - starts at sundown September 13 and lasts until sundown September 15
Yom Kippur - sundown September 22
Sukkot - sundown September 27 until sundown October 4

Though I hate to see summer go, I am greatly looking forward to the Feasts this year! There are many fun ideas I'm looking forward to sharing in the next few weeks to celebrate together!

Since Yom Teruah will be here in a little over two weeks I'm sharing a pretty printable today!

Happy Yom Teruah free printable | Land of Honey

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Yom Teruah is one of the most overlooked of the Hebrew holidays, in my opinion, so I thought it would be fun to make a sign to decorate with. How pretty are those watercolor ranunculous? (Courtesy of Angie Makes, love her stuff!) It is completely free for your personal use so download it and start getting ready for the Feasts!

Click here to download!


  1. So excited about the fall feasts too! :D

  2. My excitement grows each day! Do you have big plans, Joy?

    1. Yes! YHVH has blessed me with a ticket to Israel for Sukkot! :D :D

    2. Oh my goodness, that is so wonderful!!! I wish I was joining you! Please take lots of pictures! I really like your blog by the way! :)