Life Lately: What It Looks Like

My sister-in-law surprised me with this Mudlove Yahweh bracelet. For each purchase one week of clean water is provided for someone in need. The size is adjustable so it actually fits my child-size wrist!

Has anyone tried paddle boarding? It's like standing on a surfboard using a long paddle to glide across the water. We had so much, though it definitely takes some balancing skills. The dog on the paddle boat even swam over to it and hopped on. :)

Shabbat lunch with my mom's homemade challah bread and lots of fresh vegetables. 

Did you get to see the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus and the star Regulus? It is thought by many to be the 'Star of Bethlehem' that the wise men followed to find Yeshua after his birth. This month was the first time it has appeared since then. We were just barely able to spot it right along our treeline.

Reading through the Psalms on the hammock. Sometimes Dietrich listens.

Spending the day here. There is something so peaceful near the water.

How about you? How's your summer been?

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