Following the Crowd and the Baltimore Riots

Baltimore. I am so sad for you. You are a city filled with hopes and dreams and so much potential. And we are devastated for the damage that has been done to you, by your own citizens. The very ones who should love and care for you the most.

The irony of what happened in the riots is almost too painful to look at. We have a large group of people who wanted to see positive change in their community...and then went about doing that in the worst way possible. Did anyone seriously think that throwing rocks at police would be an effective method of getting them to treat lawbreakers better?

I'm guessing on Monday morning very few people woke up with the idea that they wanted to burn down buildings and attack police. Most of the people involved probably were 'caught up in the moment.' We can clearly see mob mentality coming into effect at the Baltimore Riots. This is something that Scripture expressly warns us against.

Shemot 23:2: "Do not follow the crowd when it does what is wrong; and don't speak for a cause that encourages many to turn aside what is right."

Shemot 23:2 Don't follow the crowd when it is doing what is wrong. | Land of Honey
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Is this something that we're doing? At first it's easy to quickly say, "No, I would never be apart of anything like what happened in Baltimore." And hopefully that's true. But what about other areas?

Am I living a life that is reflective of truth or of our culture?

Do I spend my time in ways that honor YHWH or do I just do what my friends do?

Is my faith based on Scripture or is it traditions and doctrines that men have made up?

Am I following the crowd when it comes to the foods I eat? Or am I following YHWH's instructions?

Are the businesses that I support ethical or do they simply have the best advertising?

When I watch movies or listen to music do I make sure the content is wholesome or is it easier to stick with what's popular?

I hope the tragedy of what happened in Baltimore this week can stir us to examine ourselves. As believer's in Yeshua we are called to narrow path that leads to life. Let's stay off the broad road of the masses and seek to live our lives based on the Word of YHWH.

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