Interview with Kevin Ohlin + A Giveaway!

Looking for a way to spruce up brown plaid pillows happily brought Kevin Ohlin's Society 6 shop across my path. His shop is filled with gorgeous designs to give an image to the Scripture he reads. What a phenomenal idea!

Congratulations to Ashton, our giveaway winner! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Pillar of Cloud throw pillow | Land of Honey

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Immediately, I loved the designs because both the pillar of cloud/fire and the burning bush are used to represent the presence of YHWH in Scripture. As you can see they go great with our bright blue accent wall.

Pillar of Cloud and Burning Bush throw pillows | Land of HoneyInterview and Giveaway with Kevin Ohlin | Land of Honey

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It is so hard to find beautiful Scripture designs, especially that aren't over-the-top-in-your-face religious (seen any bedazzled crosses lately?). They are a great conversation point with guests and seeing them always brings to mind the story of Moshe and the exodus. 

Burning Bush pillow and a giveaway | Land of Honey

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Did I mention that the cases were made in the USA? Oh, and that you can also order Kevin's designs in the form of a print, tote bag, clock, greeting card, rug or phone case? Yeah, I want everything too.

Kevin was gracious enough talk about his work and to even give away a $25.00 gift certificate to his shop!

A little about yourself—where you are you from, do you have a day job, are you married, etc?
I’m a self-taught, freelance web designer, musician, and all-around nerd living in Vacaville, CA with my lovely wife, Grace, and our two cats Henry and Edward. I spend most of my days designing and coding for small businesses and non-profit organizations.

How did you get started in graphic design?
When I was young, I had two loves, drawing and LEGO. My parents recognized both things very early as something important and always encouraged me to keep drawing and building. They bought the original LEGO Mindstorms robotics set as soon as it came out. Then some parents at my school started a LEGO robotics team to participate in a friendly competition between schools. That was a lot of fun as a kid. When I went off to high-school the following year, I joined the robotics team there, building much bigger robots and competing in regional and national competitions, and worked on 3D animation as a part of the that competition.

Out of high-school, I became an intern at my church, since I wasn’t really sure I wanted to go straight to college, and they happened to need a graphic designer. One of the pastors saw my drawings, thought I had some talent, and asked if I knew how to use Photoshop. My dad had brought home a bootleg copy of Photoshop when I was 10, so I was quite familiar with it. They had me design all sorts of brochures, cards, banners, slides, etc. I enjoyed it, and I was getting better at it over the years, so I decided I wouldn’t spend the money on college, I’d just stick to the work I was already doing and just get better at it!

I went freelance about 8 years ago, and have been ever since.

I ended up becoming a designer because the people around me as I grew up recognized the talents I had and encouraged me to keep going and combine my love of all things art and computers.

Interview and Giveaway with Kevin Ohlin | Land of Honey
Mount Sinai Framed Art Print

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What made you decide to do Biblical illustrations?
I was reading through the Bible for the 6th or 7th time, and wanted to do something to remember the verses I was reading. Since I’m a very visual person, always imagining the things I’m reading, I decided to make something of it. It really just started as a personal project to put the latest verse I read up on my computer as a wallpaper so I’d remember where I left off.

Many of your illustrations are from the Torah, what's your inspiration behind that?
It’s actually pretty straightforward. I just started at Genesis 1:1 and worked my way forward from there!

Interview and Giveaway with Kevin Ohlin | Land of Honey
Bronze Basin for Washing Clock

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What's your favorite piece in your store and why?
My favorite is the illustration of Proverbs 13:12. That tree started out as a linocut print I created a few years before I scanned it and added all the leaves. It’s just something that has been with me for quite some time.

How has your work affected your faith?
If nothing else, it has helped me remember what I’ve read from the Bible and what I’ve misinterpreted in the past.

Do you have a favorite verse that you haven't featured yet?
Not in particular, but I do have a lot of pictures in my head from recent reading that I can’t wait to get around illustrating.

What's next for your store? Will you illustrate the whole Bible? :)
I intend to keep going with these illustrations for years, so it’s quite possible I will eventually have a collection of illustrations of the whole Bible!

Interview and Giveaway with Kevin Ohlin | Land of Honey
Genesis 15:5 Tote Bag

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Can you share any advice for other designers?
The most important things for me as a designer have been experiences off the page, out of the computer. Getting out and experiencing the world, finding friends with similar interests and living life with them is the best advice I can offer to anybody who is or wants to be a designer. Lift up your eyes from your work and look for a connection with other people. Really try to understand the people around you in all of their complexities and don’t try to reduce everyone you meet to a simple stereotype. God made every single one of the people you’ll meet, and He loves every single one of them.

Click here to check out Kevin's work in his Society 6 shop.

He also has work featured on Lightstock. Perfect if you need images for a church event or congregation. Several of them are perfect for Passover too!

And now for the giveaway! Thanks so much to Kevin for generously giving a gift card to a Land of Honey reader! Enter below to win $25.00 to spend at Kevin's shop. Deadline to register is Thursday March 26 at 11:59pm, EDT. The winner will be announced the following Friday.

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    This case is AWESOME!

    1. Michael, I love that design too! I think it would be a great rug to have at a lake cottage! hahaha!

  2. Fantastic writeup! It's so hard to find quality biblical artwork. I am really loving the wall clock.

  3. I love the conversation starter pieces, like the Genesis 15:5 laptop skin! Its beautiful design is not "in your face religious" like Taylor said, which is a great way to witness. Thank you so much for blogging about this Taylor!

  4. Gah, one of my favorite blogs..!
    Taylor, you are an excellent writer and teacher! Yahweh has definitely blessed you.

    I share this blog with all of my friends- I'm super excited about this giveaway!

    1. Thank you Ashton! That is so thoughtful! I appreciate you spreading the word. :)

  5. My favorite design is the Exodus 3:2 illustration. It's absolutely stunning. It touches my soul.