Senseless Hate

Cease senseless hate. Be good to one another. 

Cease senseless hate. Be good to one another. | Land of Honey

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Rabbis teach that the Temple was destroyed from senseless hatred in the land. Scripture says it was from abandoning the Covenant of YHWH. Nonetheless, the connotations of senseless hate shouldn't be overlooked. 

Senseless hatred is not just between enemies but is tragically found in the way we treat our families or spiritual brothers and sisters. If you've ever felt betrayed by a friend, that is a clear example of senseless hate. When I wrong someone, that is senseless hatred as well. This has got to stop. 

The recent and current Hamas attacks on Israel has brought much senseless hatred to light. So many hurtful comments have been shared on social media. That is a senseless way to hate the people living in Israel and also her supporters in the rest of the world. Boycotting Israeli goods is a way to senselessly hate real people who need to make a living. Offering support or commiseration to terrorism in any way, whatsoever is a ridiculously senseless way to hate. Blowing off your family because they have different thoughts on this than you? Pretty senseless as well.

We have to be better to one another. 

Galatians 5:22 identifies kindness as one of the Holy Spirit's fruits. This tells me that if I'm not being kind there is a serious lack of His presence in me. If you believe that the Spirit of Holiness is living and active in you, there needs to be evidence of that. Kindness is evidence. Stop hating senselessly and be good to one another on purpose.

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