Prayers for Israel

What is it like when your world is wrecked by missiles? When there is nowhere you can go to feel safe? I, along with most others in the free world, don't know.

Israel is not invading Gaza "because it can," or because it has nothing better to do this summer. Israel is invading Gaza because the elected government is firing rockets at their civilians at a rate of something close to once every ten minutes.

I am so tired of Israel being slandered for defending her people. How ludicrous is it to say Israel can't fight back? Why oh why are we protesting the invasion of Gaza but defending terrorist attacks?!

How is it that this tiny nation of under eight million people is consistently accused of bullying the entire Muslim world of over a billion? How is it there was no outcry for the people of Crimea, but only for the people of Palestine?

How can anyone in good conscious defend a regime who kidnaps and brutally murders teenagers? And how can anyone who claims to be against terrorism hold up a sign that says, "We are Hamas"?!

Psalm 122:6 says, "Pray for the shalom of Jerusalem; may those who love you prosper." It doesn't say, "Pray for peace and let the rockets keep falling." It doesn't say, "Pray for peace, then justify why it's at war." Just, "Pray for peace."

What would you expect your government to do if your country was repeatedly bombed? What would you want to do? I'm guessing the attitude of, "Israel has bomb shelters, so they should just deal with it," would no longer apply. I'm guessing if it happened to us we wouldn't hold up signs to support the attackers.

It's easy to act like we have a better idea of this situation and dynamics than the country living through terrorist attacks. It's easy to have a plan when our own world is safe. Let's be slow to judge a nation defending itself from terrorism. Let's remember the people living lives that have been shattered. Let's remember the children that can't go to summer camp because of the rockets.

Pray for the peace of Israel!

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