A Summer of Less

I want this summer to be filled with decrease.

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Summer is normally when we add more to our lives. We spend more, buy more, consume more, do more. Does that make our lives any better? It's a change of pace to be sure, but consumption has yet to lead us to happiness. Studies have shown that the citizens of affluent countries have higher depression rates than those from the world's poorer countries.

Let's stop trying to find peace in what we buy. YHWH has a better way, and that's what I want this summer to be about. Less of my stuff and ideas, and more of YHWH's ways.

This summer I am focusing on:

Studying what the Scripture actually says, instead of clinging to man-made ideas about it.
New ways to implement Biblical instructions in my life.
Spending more time with family and friends, and less money to do so.
Emphasizing hospitality over consumerism.
Consuming less and giving more.
Using my money to support my community, instead of making a giant corporation even wealthier.
Making learning a priority. Trying new things, and reading lots of books.
Enjoying more time outdoors. Going for bike rides, at the lake, gardening, and exploring.

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