If You Love Him

Yeshua said if we loved him, we would keep his commands. In his day, there were no 'New Testament' writings, there was only the Tanakh. Yeshua is YHWH manifest in human form, so we know that all of the words in the Torah are His. What exactly are his commandments?

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The Torah has 613 mitzvot or instructions for our lives. They cover subjects from loans to agriculture to sexuality to personal beliefs of YHWH to the Temple. Of the mitzvot, 221 commandments are regarding the Beit Hamikdash. Since mankind has been without the Temple for nearly 2,000 years, that leaves us with 392 commands. Of these, 74 are person specific—regarding only men or only women, widows, judges, or even kings—and not applicable to some. There are eight instructions for those keeping a Nazarite vow, and thus, are voluntary.
Most Christians already keep around 200-275 of YHWH’s commandments given in the Torah. Things like honoring your parents, giving money to the poor, not stealing or defrauding, not speaking slander, and serving YHWH are part of the Torah. Andrew Gabriel Roth believes that many Christians are already observing 2/3 to almost 90% of the Torah!
The commandments most Christians don’t honor mainly regard diet, Shabbat, and YHWH’s cycles of festivals—eating, resting, and celebrating. That doesn’t seem impossibly difficult or legalistic, does it?
When Yeshua said we should keep his commandments if we love him, he didn't mean we should just try our best to be reasonably okay people. He meant we should celebrate Passover and Rosh Hashanah. We shouldn’t work or go shopping on the seventh day of the week. He meant that if we, in fact, love him we wouldn't eat bacon or shellfish.

Each day is a new opportunity to learn his instructions and follow them. Do you love Him?
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